Brislawn Lofton, PLLC & The Private Client Law Group, used to comprise a unique Estate and business planning law firm.  We had two basic client service tenets – SWAN (“Sleep Well at Night”) and SOP (“Success on Purpose.”)  We achieved this through a concierge approach that emphasizes interdisciplinary planning with your carefully selected professional advisors.

We practiced exclusively in the areas of estate, trust, business formation & succession planning, asset protection, charitable, estate and trust administration, and Federal and State tax law.  We used a top-down process to identify all goals, resources, and issues in order to offer comprehensive recommendations.

We designed plans that use legal tools such as wills, trusts, and LLCs, that are coordinated with your financial plans, tax goals, and risk management solutions.  Integrated plans addressed each individual’s needs and budget to effectively and efficiently apply your assets for optimum benefit.  Such plans were client-goal driven.  Our firm advocated the use of only time and court-tested solutions, appropriately and ethically implemented, and custom designed for each client.

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