We were a law firm, with a unique approach that also makes us a “Private Client” law firm. This meant that we provide personal and focused attention to every matter you bring to us. Some clients used to use us for our legal counseling and drafting skills; other clients worked with us to bring total integration to their lifetime game plan.

Our clients came to us for:

  • Wills, trusts, estate & gift tax planning
  • Estate & gift tax audits
  • Probate and trust administration/settlement
  • Asset protection
  • Business planning, operations, and succession
  • Charitable planning
  • Real estate

Most, but not all, of our clients had taxable estates. Our business clients owned family businesses with 1 to 100 employees. And an increasing number of clients asked us to help them “put it all together” so that their finances, tax planning, and legal planning were all in harmony.

We believed that life is too important to be left to chance. We built “Success on Purpose. ” Our Private Clients “Sleep Well at Night.” Ask how you can join them.

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